Plenary Speakers

Prof. Mohammad J. Taherzadeh

Mohammad J. Taherzadeh is professor in Bioprocess technology since 2004 at University of Borås in Sweden and chairman of Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery. Prof. Taherzadeh has PhD in Bioscience from Sweden, and MSc and BSc in Chemical Engineering from Iran. He is developing processes to convert wastes and residuals to value added products with focus on pretreatment and fermentation using bacteria and filamentous fungi. He is also chair of COST Action FULLRECO4US. He has more than 400 publications in scientific peer-reviewed journals, 40 book chapters, 8 books.

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Burak DALKILIÇ is a seasoned expert in water treatment technology with a strong focus on sales and marketing. As the Water Solutions and Membrane Technologies Group Manager at Akkim Kimya Sanayi A.Ş., he leads sales efforts across three key divisions, including Ultrafiltration Membranes and Water Chemicals. Burak’s pioneering contributions include spearheading hollow fiber membrane production at Ak-Kim, positioning the company as a leader in Turkey’s water treatment sector. His leadership and strategic prowess continue to drive advancements in the field.

Keynote Speakers

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Derya Y. Koseoglu-Imer

Derya Y. Koseoglu-Imer is the faculty member in Environmental Engineering Dep. at Istanbul Technical University. She is focusing working on the intersection of environmental engineering and material sciences for ”innovative and sustainable separation materials development” and collaborated with many national/international researchers in project partnerships and joint scientific work. She is working on the development of separation technologies for water and air application with sustainable and circular design and the use of new eco-friendly/biobased/green materials at fit for purpose. She is the group leader of innobrane research group (

Prof. Dr. Timo Kikas

Timo Kikas received his PhD degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA in the field of Analytical Environmental Chemistry. He has worked as a researcher in USA, Japan, Finland and Estonia. He has also been a director of Türi College of Tartu University and Study Program manager of Environmental Engineering curriculum at University of Tartu. Presently, he is a Chair Professor of Biosystems Engineering chair in the Institute of Technology of Estonian University of Life Sciences. His main areas of interest include 2nd and 3rd generation bioenergy research, biosensors for environmental monitoring, flow injection analysis and lab-on-valve systems. Prof. Kikas is Editor in Chief of Agronomy Research journal and a guest editor of Energies, a member of the Board of Institute of Technology and the Board of Estonian University of Life Sciences, and national task leader of IEA Bioenergy Task 37 Biogas. Prof. Kikas has been awarded twice with the stipend of Estonian World Council. He is also a recipient of Tartu City Rae Foundation award.

Prof. Dr. Belén García

Belén García holds a PhD in Law from Universidad Complutense in Madrid (Spain) and an Executive MBA from IE Business School (Madrid – Spain). Since 2015 she is the managing director of PACKNET – Spanish Packaging Technology Platform, a non-profit association and public-private structure led by industry with over 120 current members up and down the entire packaging value chain that reinforces the links between R&D, innovation and industry, with a focus on medium-to-long-term strategies.

Prof. Dr. Xinmin Zhan

Prof. Xinmin Zhan is Professor in Civil Engineering at the University of Galway, Ireland. He graduated from Tsinghua University, China in 1999 with BE and PhD degrees in Environmental Engineering, and conducted research and worked in Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan), Gifu University (Japan) and Tsinghua University before working as a researcher at the University of Galway in 2002. Prof. Zhan’s research interests include (i) development of efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment technologies; and (ii) recovery of organic waste and biomass for use as a sustainable and clean energy source and for building a greener agriculture industry. He has been PI of over 30 research projects and published over 160 peer-reviewed journal papers, and a monograph Greenhouse Gas Emission and Mitigation in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants by International Water Association Publishing. He is one co-inventor of four patents, two of which have been licensed to the industry. Prof. Zhan is an editor of Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering, and the Associate Editor-in-Chief of Water Cycle. He is a member of the Engineering and Computer Sciences multidisciplinary committee of the Royal Irish Academy, and is the founding chair of the Chinese-European Society for Environment, Ecology & Sustainability). Prof. Zhan was awarded with several prestigious awards from University of Galway, SFI MaREI research centre, Outstanding Editor of Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering, and Japan Society on Water Environment-IDEA Water Environment.

Prof. Dr. Céline Vaneeckhaute

Dr. Céline Vaneeckhaute is associate professor at Université Laval in Quebec, Canada and director of the BioEngine Research Team on Green Process Engineering and Biorefineries, composed of over 15 full-time researchers under her principal supervision. She holds the prestigious title of Canada Research Chair in resource recovery and bioproducts engineering. Her main research field concerns the recovery of nutrients, energy and water from waste and wastewater sources. Her innovative work has led to the achievement of numerous prestigious research awards such as the Global Young Leadership award emitted by the International Water Association, the Prix du Québec Relève Scientifique (the highest distinction for scientists awarded by the government of Quebec) and the Prix Honoris Genius Relève (the highest distinction for engineers awarded by the Quebec Order of Engineers). She is steering board member of the International Water Association Resource Recovery from Water Cluster President of the Waste and Energy Management Division of the Food Production Topical Team at the Canadian Space Agency, to name a few. Prior to her occupation as a Professor, she was assistant director for the biomethanation processes at Quebec City. She has also been active as an independent consultant in the field. Dr. Vaneeckhaute holds a double PhD degree in water engineering at Université Laval and applied bioscience engineering at Ghent University (Belgium).

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gjore Nakov

Gjore Nakov is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Pedagogy, Food Technology and Tourism at College – Sliven. He was appointed as an external Associate Professor at the University Ss. Kliment Ohridski – Bitola, R.N. Macedonia at the Faculty of Technology and Technical Sciences. For the last several years, Dr. Nakov worked on valorisation and incorporation of food by-products in the production of new functional and innovative food products. He is also the coordinator of two national projects. He is part of the Management Committee from Bulgaria in two COST Actions (CA 20133 and CA 20128). So far, Dr. Nakov is the author of 78 scientific papers. He is an Editorial board member of the International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences (IJNES) from Türkiye.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pieter Billen

Pieter Billen is associate professor at the Faculty of Applied Engineering at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. He is a chemical engineer, focused on smart molecules management. He leads the research group iPRACS, which bridges the gap from molecules to processes, in order to create sustainable novel value chains for organic materials. The group has several projects on the chemical recycling of polymer waste, and is creating novel generic feasibility assessment methods based on quasi-thermodynamics.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kitiş

Mehmet Kitis is professor in Dept. of Environmental Engineering in Suleyman Demirel University, Türkiye. He has a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Engineering and Science from Clemson University, USA. He worked as a process engineer in CH2MHILL Inc., CA USA. His main research areas include membrane processes, wastewater reclamation and reuse, industrial cleaner production applications, industrial water efficiency, disinfection by-products, advanced treatment processes. Prof. Kitis has published 118 peer-reviewed papers and books/book chapters. He presented more than 200 conference papers. He worked in 73 national and international research and engineering projects. Prof. Kitis has received 26 national/international scientific/engineering awards. He has advised a total of 29 M.Sc. and Ph.D. thesis. He has involved in a total of 47 technical/academic/social/administrative positions including department chair, vice rector, consultant to ministries, international companies and various industries, research institute director (TÜBİTAK MAM), editorial board member, chamber of commerce advisor, and others. He has been making research and consulting for more than 25 years, mainly in the areas of water and wastewater treatment, watershed management and industrial cleaner production applications.