The conference topics include, but not limited to:

Water recovery/reclamation/reuse

Nutrient recovery


Bioenergy recovery

Biomass energy source

Target-oriented resource recovery

Bioenergy recovery from wastes

Waste-to-energy conversion

Valorization of solid waste

Valorization of agri-food industry

Biopolymer & bioplastic production

Biochar production & application

Bio-fertilizer products


Sub/supercritical system

Gasification and pyrolysis



Thermal liquefaction

Deposit system

Hybrid technologies

Separation processes

Innovative processes

Eco-efficient solutions for waste management

Smart technologies & decision support tools

Energy-land-food-water nexus

Wastewater segregation

Source separation schemes

Circular economy

Life cycle assessments

Zero waste approach

Zero liquid discharge

Carbon & water footprint

Sustainable waste management

Social-economy issues & policies